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Heart Decorative C

A decorative heart made with pure recycled porcelain.

It is made using a wooden carved stamp with which they use to print their textiles in

You can hang it by your window to let the sunshine pass through the porcelain highlighting its translucence, or you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil on the reverse to fragrance your room.

It carries much love and happy energy inside it, and it's sure to positively transform the atmosphere and your mood. A perfect gift for your loved ones and for those who need uplifting.

Hopefully, you will feel better knowing that in a small way you have contributed back to the planet by purchasing something that was made with recycled porcelain.

Essential oil not included.


  • Handmade Recycled Porcelain Decorative Heart
  • Porcelain Heart
    Height: 5 cm
    Width:  5 cm

Porcelain - minimal - contemporary - sustainable pieces of jewelry for the modern muse.

Julie Tzanni jewelry are handmade on the cycladic island of Sifnos, Greece.

They are delivered in a branded black gift box. We ship worldwide by registered mail.

Every piece is unique and the item you will receive might not be identical to that shown online.
Porcelain is the highest quality and type of ceramics that is very strong and durable and should be treated with care, as it can break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface.
Please note that because porcelain is an organic clay (and in some cases, recycled), small imperfections might occur, i.e. tiny black dots within the porcelain body. However, this does not reduce by any way the high quality of Parian Porcelain.
We use a non-toxic glaze for extra care. This glaze may have a natural crackled effect.

For care instructions please see here

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