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Zen Circle


It is the most respected muse, “Calliope”, that Homer asks for help and is inspired from to write in the 8th century BC, “Odyssey”, his epic poem of king Ulysses physical and spiritual return journey to his home island “Ithaca” after the Trojan war. 

And it was “Odyssey”, that in turn inspired the Greek poet C.P. Cavafy to write his renowned poem “Ithaca”.

The theme of this poem is the happiness found in one’s journey of life, the valuable lessons learned and the experiences gained. And as the maturity of the soul increases over the period of time, still the journey continues and that is all a traveler could ask for.

It shows an inner self quest for rediscovering who you really are. It also depicts the celebration of human nature and achievement of one’s goal, through all the obstacles one may find on the way and have to pass. It is the journey of life itself and living it to the fullest and deepest that matters. This is how we will give and receive richness and meaning in our life. It makes us realize how important it is to see ourselves focused and inspires us to remain calm, strong and patient, no matter how difficult and challenging the situation may be.

The names found in this collection are Greek female names that carry attributes that we may acquire through such a journey. Life comes in full circles and this compilation celebrates the effortless transitions through them with the power of love and joy, the wisdom to choose the right path, the peace of mind and purity of heart that follows and the victory at the end of each round.
Agape = Love, Irene = Peace, Zoe = Life, Sophia = Wisdom, Agnes = Purity, Nike = Victory

No life is the same and no full circle can be compared to another. Each of us has our own experiences and the circles of this collection mirror this.

Organic, mismatched forms borrow their fluidity from life’s current. Precious metals of sterling silver and gold, the translucency of porcelain echo the sensuous mother of pearl, warm amber and the treasures spoken of in the poem. Pure white and bright blue emerge from the deep beauty of the Aegean Sea.

This is your time to become a muse and find your own personal piece to inspire. Embrace every feeling to complete your circle.