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Apollo's Love

The “Apollo’s Love” collection is inspired by the white marble sculptures of God Apollo and the ancient Greek maxim “Know Thyself” which is inscribed at the temple of Apollo in Delphi.

Apollo is the God of Beauty, Truth, Sun and Light, Music and Poetry, Healing, the leader of the Muses and many more.

This collection is about us, the modern Muse, finding self knowledge and self love, by turning truthfully within us and to our roots. It is about healing using the golden Apollonian light to find Beauty at any level.

The cycladic island Sifnos, where I create the jewellery is connected with Delphi as there was a majestic and very rich Sifnian treasury temple there and the main village of the island is called Apollonia. Every dawn and evening the island is bathed in a beautiful soft sunlight which is called the “Apollonian Light”.